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palace of forty columns
جمعه 07 آبان 1395
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Palace of Forty Columns
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  • Palace of Forty Columns

    Palace of Forty ColumnsForty garden column over 67 thousand square meters, in the era of Shah Abbas I built a building constructed in the middle of the reign of Shah Abbas II in the central building, changes have been made 
    The columns reflect twenty, forty columns in a pool hall to the mansion, but the concept is expressed Chehelsotoon forty in number, frequency and the number of leads and forty columns of the building appellation The palace is the large number of columns. 
    ● interesting and scenic parts of the palace forty Stvnbartnd: 

    Four stone lions pool Central, Hall and Azarhhay Mnqsh marble around it - decorating the hall with gilded mirrors and paintings Forums Kingdom Hall Kingdom and both chambers of the Safavid Tsvyrshahan it is closed - picture special crown and the miniatures Shahbas first treasure room - entrance " Qtbyh Mosque "and Srdrhay" Drkvshk angle "and the works of the Mosque" Jvbarh Door "and" Agassi mosque, "south and west side of the garden Brdyvarhay installed. Hall and porch of the palace is built in the fifth year of the reign of King Basdvm. Bystganh columns reflecting pool halls in the palace of forty columns meaning induce Chehelsotoon. 

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